Thursday, February 23, 2017

Helping Other Believers

The sons of Israel were God's chosen people, and God was giving them the land of Canaan, so they could build a country based on His laws. It is clear that God expected them to love each other and to help each other, especially when there were those who fell into poverty. God commanded them to lend to that person without charging them interest when they paid back the loan. (Deuteronomy 23:19) That is a great lesson for believers today, too.

The church of Jesus Christ is God's people today, and He has commanded us to be a vital part of a local church which is His body. As believers, we should be generous to all people with the love of Christ as our motivation. However, we should help fellow believers and fellow members of the church to which we belong even more. We should never dream of making interest or a profit off of believers we are assisting. We should share what we have until everyone is able to care for themselves and to share with others, too. We should do all of this out of love and not out of obligation. Then, the world will see how much we love each other and be drawn to Christ.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Deuteronomy 24-27.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Witchcraft and Divination

Satan always counterfeits the things of the Lord to deceive people. He wants to make people think that there are alternatives to God's way and God's power. In reality, none of his deceptions is in any way as powerful as God's way. The people of Canaan were a deceived people. they practiced witchcraft and divination. God hates both, and He has not allowed His people to do those things. (Deuteronomy 18:14) We need to heed His commands from this chapter.

Many Christians today read their horoscopes, and they keep up with the signs of the zodiac believing there is truth in them. They are practicing divination by doing them. They are trying to get a glimpse of the future by what they learn. That is wrong. Also, we have around us people who practice witchcraft and sorcery. We must stay away from those dark religions, knowing they are from Satan. The same goes for any other pagan practices like the worship of the planets and such. We only need to look to the Lord and His Word for all of the guidance we will ever need.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Deuteronomy 21-23.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Godly Leaders

Even before the sons of Israel entered Canaan, Moses gave them the Lord's will for the king they would ask for in the future. God commanded that each new king would write out by his own hand a copy of the law on a scroll, so he could read it all of his days. He was told to do this with a Levitical priest watching him to insure he knew God's law correctly and wrote it down correctly. (Deuteronomy 17:14,18) Isn't that amazing?

What if all of our congressmen and our presidents, as well as, all of our elected officials had to do this? I believe it would be a humbling experience to realize God's laws are higher than man's laws. They would see that God blesses those who keep His laws, and they would be enlightened to know God's Word, so they could keep it. In fact, it might be good for each of us, as citizens to do the same thing.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Deuteronomy 18-20.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Complete Obedience

God is concerned about our obedience to Him. He knows that since He has a perfect plan for our lives, it is very important for us to be completely obedient to Him. (Deuteronomy 12:32) That way our actions or words will be done at the right time and in the right way to fit into that plan for us and everyone with whom we interact.

Sometimes, we want to add to what God has told us to do. We think we know enough to even do what He told us better than what He said. That is not complete obedience. Other times, we want to take away from what He has told us by waiting to obey or by partially obeying Him. Neither is complete obedience. Since He is Lord, we must simply take Him at His word that what He commands us to do is the right thing. Then, we do it faithfully and completely. When we practice complete obedience things work out just as God planned, and He is able to bless us well. It is not difficult, but it takes full submission to His authority.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Deuteronomy 15-17.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beware of Being Deceived

Moses warned the sons of Israel not to allow their hearts to be deceived, so that they turned to serve other gods and to worship them. (Deuteronomy 11:16) It is so easy for any of us to fall into this deception, because Satan is smart, and he has so many different things to use to appeal to our hearts and draw us from God. We would do well to heed this warning every day.

We can be drawn away from the Lord by beginning to think that pleasure is what life is all about. We can pursue pleasure in many forms, and we can end up ignoring God or even rejecting Him because we love pleasure. For some people it can be sports. We can get so wrapped up in following our teams or our individual athletes that we put them ahead of God. Instead of reading our Bibles, we watch the games and read about them. Work can be a god, too, because we can worship money. Then, we can be deceived to think that money can bring us joy, but that is impossible. Only the One True God can bring us real joy and peace.

Whatever it may be that draws us from the Lord Jesus must be rejected. We must never forget that He alone is worthy of our service, worship, and love, because He gave Himself for us to have an abundant life. Nothing is better than knowing Him well, and finding His favor, so that He gives us His blessings in abundance.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Deuteronomy 12-14.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tested By God

Many people do not like tests. They are afraid of failing the test or at least, doing badly. They do not like having to prepare for tests. However, tests are very good for us. They show us a lot about ourselves. Israel found out this truth when they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. God was waiting for the unfaithful generation to pass away, but He was humbling and testing the younger generation, so they would be ready to enter the Promised Land and to be successful in conquering the people of the land. (Numbers 8:16) God does much the same thing for every believer today.

God fed the sons of Israel manna in the wilderness. It was something they had never eaten before. People do not like change. However, it tasted good, and God supplied just enough for every day. It was a humbling experience to be totally dependent on God for their daily food. It was a test to see if they would trust Him every day by gathering just the right amount. It was a part of all He did in the wilderness to test them to see if they would trust Him fully.

He did all of those things over that 40 year period for their good. It was not pleasant at the time, but when they were humbled, and when they passed His test, God knew they were ready to take the land. In fact, they knew they could do it with His help, too, so they did not doubt like their fathers did. I pray that we will grow from God's tests in our lives, so that we live in victory every day.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Deuteronomy 9-11.

Friday, February 17, 2017

God's Revelation of Himself to Us

God loves all of us, and He wants us to put our trust in the Lord Jesus, so we can know Him as Lord of our lives. Because of His heart for us, He reveals Himself to us in order that we may see Him and decide to trust Him as the Only Lord. He did the same thing for the sons of Israel at Mt. Horeb, when He spoke to them from the fire on the mountain. That was His revelation of Himself, so they would know there is no god besides Him, and put their trust In Him. (Numbers 4:33,35) How has God revealed Himself to you?

I remember God speaking to my heart when I was a child. I knew Jesus was the Lord. I knew I needed to ask Him for forgiveness for my sins and confess Him as Lord before other people. However, it took me 5 years to take that step. I have never regretted it. All of those 5 years, God continued to reveal Himself to me through His Word, and in my times of hearing the Bible taught and preached. Also, when I laid in my bed, I knew God was there speaking to me. Praise the Lord, He has never quit revealing Himself to me, especially after I trusted Him at age 14.

What is your story? When did He reveal Himself to you? What was your response? I urge you to consider the Lord's work to show Himself to you, and if you have not trusted Him to do it before it is eternally too late.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Deuteronomy 5-8.